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TagCaddy streamlines you point-of-sale creation process to a simple product, package, and price approach. By simplifying this process, you are able to create your retail point-of-sale materials quicker and get back to focusing on what matters – your customers.

Learn how TagCaddy can help you with your point-of-sale.

Templates and Media

We use tag designs that are already approved by chains of stores, large and small—it couldn’t be easier and you can’t go wrong.

Just select the product name and size from a drop-down menu, and our design database will do the rest, delivering logos and other marketing materials that customers recognize, which helps you move more of that product.

Need a design for a store not in our database? Not a problem. We’ll design a mock-up for the company to approve.

Need a specialty design for a special occasion or product? We can do that for you too.

Signage that works

We do more than help you design professional sales tags, we also provide the final, physical product. We offer affordable shelf tags and labels in multiple sizes, as well as decals, end cap inserts, case cards, shelf talkers, wobblers, wobbler insets and more. If it’s been proven to help retailers sell products, then we can provide it.

Because our design system and our physical signage system is integrated, it all lines up perfectly. Which means you get professional displays with minimum fuss.