About CoolerTags

What is CoolerTags?

CoolerTags is an internet-based service that facilitates the creation of retail point-of-sale materials. We have streamlined the process to a simple product, package, and price approach. By simplifying the process, you are able to create your retail point-of-sale materials quicker and get back to focusing on what matters – your customers.

Our story

CoolerTags is the original, largest and most comprehensive service for point-of-sale tags in the United States. We were founded in Richmond, Virginia, in 2005, when one local wholesaler had a problem creating shelf tags … and we came up with the solution.

Over the next decade, more and more retailers wanted to use our easy-to-understand system, and we now serve retailers in 46 states and Canada. But we’ve never lost sight of the dedicated commitment to problem solving and customer service that won over our very first customer, and a decade of listening to our customers means that every single day, we get even better at what we do.

We understand the importance of sales tags

Sales tags are the final point of sale. After the major beverage manufacturers have spent billions advertising their product, it all comes down to a customer standing in front of your shelf or cooler. If the sales tag doesn’t match up with the branding that the beverage company has invested in, then that sale might not happen. With our branded shelf tags, we can guarantee that the marketing campaign that brought the customer through your doors is maintained right up to the final point of sale.