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On demand point-of-sale materials. Simplified.

Retail point-of-sale materials made easy!

New, simplified TagCaddy and Admin Panel feature multi-user accounts with user-level permissions, support for multiple brand images, and are tablet and phone friendly.

What is CoolerTags?

CoolerTags is an internet-based service that facilitates the creation of retail point-of-sale materials. We have streamlined the process to a simple product, package, and price approach. By simplifying the process, you are able to create your retail point-of-sale materials quicker and get back to focusing on what matters – your customers .

Full Account Control

The CoolerTags Admin Panel enables customers to manage their product line, application users, print jobs, and more. Uncomplicated account management functions make it easier to keep up-to-date in the fast-paced world of wholesale beverage distribution, or any retail environment.

Chain Standards Compliance

Stop worrying about chain brand and point-of-sale standards compliance. CoolerTags has many chain-approved templates that ensure a consistent representation of your customer’s brand. Have a chain in your market that we currently do not support? Drop us a line and we will create mockups for approval by your customer.

Goes Everywhere

CoolerTags works where you work. Business does not always happen between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM, nor are you always at your desk. CoolerTags works on your desktop, tablet, or phone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Customize your Point-of-Sale

CoolerTags makes creating point-of-sale as easy as selecting a product, package, and then entering a price. Or, you can customize the font, text and background color, change the brand image, add a price modifier, etc. The choice is yours.

More than Shelf Tags

CoolerTags offers a variety of templates and media to fit most retail point of sale needs. Easily create decals, wobblers, case cards, shelf talkers, and end cap inserts in varying sizes and formats.

Consistent Results

Whether you are creating shelf tags, wobblers, decals, or any other project, the CoolerTags templates and media combine for a consistent presentation of your brands in retail outlets.

Simplify your retail point-of-sale
creation process

CoolerTags takes the hassle out of creating retail point-of-sale materials, so you can spend more time on what matters…

Your Customers

Templates, Templates, Templates!

Standard Templates. Chain-approved Templates. Custom Templates.
Need a specialty template? We'll make it, just drop us a line.

Shelf Tag Examples

Shelf Tag Example
Shelf Tag Example
Shelf Tag Example
Shelf Tag Example

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